helping forward-thinking organizations realize the benefits of diversity and equity: from the boardroom to the field, from colleagues to customers.

Our relationships begin with a blueprint session to identify and crystallize your drivers, goals and needs. From there, we work with you to design the optimum strategy. Our ProspArity programming consists of specialized consulting and training services.


Assessment & Advisory Services:

  • Business culture, employee engagement, and key internal issues brewing or already impacting your organization
  • Hiring, retention & promotion-gap assessments
  • Existing policies & procedures
  • Specific project reviews

Program Design & Implementation Services:

  • Policy & procedure development & implementation support
  • Diversity & inclusion policies
  • Conflict management support
  • Capacity building programs
  • Leadership development & succession planning


Effective empathy

Empathy is associated with building and maintaining good interpersonal relationships, as well as with maintaining certain social values. But for businesses in particular, Effective Empathy is a critical skill. From the Board to management to your front-facing employees, Effective Empathy lays the foundation for:

  • Good judgment and decision making
  • Employee engagement & loyalty
  • Stakeholder engagement & negotiation
  • Product development & design
  • Marketing and sales

Effective Empathy isn't about sympathizing with others, it's about being able to understand other people - their drivers, their contexts, their constraints - and respond to them as individuals in any circumstance. Our innovative workshop takes participants through a sequence of critical thinking exercises that together build a framework for looking at the world from a sharper, fresher angle that situates empathy as a concrete tool at the center of the lens. Whether as a general exercise to improve overall performance in the above areas or in response to specific issues, from interpersonal issues in your team to a creative block in product development, this workshop is an easy and exciting path to a smarter new perspective.

equity 101

Talk of gender equity has become truly en vogue, and rightly so. For businesses, why is it important? Because:

But how do you do equity?

Equity 101 is a workshop that moves from principle to policy, procedure to practice in understanding where inequity arises; how it functions; what it costs; and how it can be countered through easy, practical steps. This workshop can be organization-wide or tailored to specific groups including Executive Boards, Management, Human Resources, and Front-facing Employees. It can also be tailored to individuals looking to mainstream deep understanding of the business challenges and opportunities that come with gender equity.