Broadleap was founded by an international lawyer with little patience for inaction. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Broadleap Solutions Ltd. works with organizations around the world offering focused, nimble expertise in creative ways to meet the needs of clients large and small.

Our Mission

Our mission is to effectively integrate principle with practice in the field of business and human rights to facilitate a broad leap to a bold, bright future.

Our WORK & approach

The idea that stable, peaceful states yield stable, peaceful people parallels the idea that responsible, sustainable businesses play a role in maintaining - even building - sustainable communities. This idea is embodied in the second pillar of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: the corporate responsibility to respect human rights.

Broadleap works to translate the sometimes abstract, high ideals of human rights into effective risk-management oriented policies, processes and practices for businesses, organizations and communities. Anchored in particular in the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, we help forward-thinking organizations navigate risk and embrace opportunity to prosper in a changing world. We do this through meaningful advisory services, training, advocacy and reporting support.

With our unique ability to connect the dots and bring concepts to life, we bring coherence to complexity and help businesses navigate their ever-shifting risks and opportunities in the developing field of human rights due diligence, risk management, stakeholder engagement and reporting.

We believe in making tools that are accessible, meaningful and effective, building bridges across the '4-Ps' of Principle - Policy - Procedure - Practice.

In working toward our mission, we recognize the importance of engaging and equipping young people to face and change the world. We do this through our Broadleap Youth division. Broadleap Youth offers curricula and professional development through our KiC: Knowledge in Context programming with a focus on functional EQ and critical thinking skills.

Banner Photo by Jared Chambers